Early Detection

Routine Screening for Breast Cancer

About 4,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in Israel. Early detection ofbreast cancer is an important factor influencing chances of recovery from the disease. The chances of recovery of women whose disease is diagnosed at an early stage are as high as 90%. As a result, we at One in Nine call on every woman over the age of 20, to adopt a routine for early detection for breast cancer, in accordance with her age:

  • Awareness to breast changes
  • Clinical examination by doctor – preferably a breast surgery specialist
  • Mammography and/or ultrasound examination


What you should do?

When should you do it?


Clinical examination by surgeon


Mammography / ultrasound



Once a year


As recommended by the doctor




Clinical examination by surgeon





Once a year


Once every two years (at

Sick fund’s expense) or as

Recommended by the doctor

* The table relates to women who are not in the high-risk category. Women at risk include women who have had breast cancer, women with a first-degree relative who has had breast cancer, carriers of the BRCA genetic mutation, and women who were treated for Hodgkins Lymphoma in their youth. In these cases, you should consult with your doctor as to a suitable examination routine.

* Breast awareness is only a single component of the routine screening, which also include clinical examination and mammography/ultrasound.

* Women with silicone implants should inform the doctor and the person performing the examination of the implants presence, and to ensure ongoing checking of their condition over the years.

* One in Nine supports the Israel Surgical Association’s recommendation for starting mammography at the age of 40.

Apart from the routine examinations, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle: Suitable diet, keeping to a correct weight, physical exercise.

Please bear in mind that over 80% of lumps in the breast are not malignant.


Don’t let fears and apprehensions about breast cancer prevent you from undergoing examinations.


The examinations are meant to keep you healthy. They could be life-saving!

Workshops for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Basing on data on the increase in the number of breast cancer patients, and the proven connection between early detection and chances of recovery, One in Nine has initiated a unique model of training workshops for awareness to early detection, in order to stimulate women to assume responsibility for their bodies.

  • Breast awareness: Every woman should be familiar with the normal state of her breasts and their particular structure. This way, if any change occurs she will be able to identify it.
  • It is necessary to distinguish between a normal, natural congestion and an unfamiliar lump in the breasts.
  • The breast undergoes changes with age, as a result of hormonal activity, changes connected with the menstrual cycle, changes in weight, childbirth, lactation, nutrition, general aging and so on. All of these affect the way the breast looks and feels, and you need to be familiar with all these phenomena.

At the country-wide workshops run by One in Nine, women learn to get to know the healthy and normal breast and the natural changes occurring in it, and thus gain self-confidence and peace of mind. The screening tests recommended for each age group are discussed during the workshop.

The workshop takes two hours, and includes an experiential meeting together with practical training using silicon models. At the end of the workshop, each participant receives the One in Nine breast health booklet, which summarizes the material learnt in the workshop. The workshops are for women of all ages, and can be held anywhere in the country.

For details, and to order a workshop: Maya Ohana Tel: 03-6021717 Ext. 229.


Early Detection

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