Support Services

One in Nine offers you and your relatives a wide range of support services and help in coping with breast cancer. 
The services are provided by professionals in the fields of social work, psycho-oncology, legal advice and others. 
Similarly, the Organization offers support by means of volunteers who have recovered and have undergone special training. The volunteers assist women dealing with the disease and support them by means of a help line and personal meetings.

Legal Advice

Support and Assistance by Professionals

The treatments take place at the Organization’s offices in Bnei Brak. Groups in other locations around the country will be opened as needed. All of the services entail payment of only a symbolic amount. Women who do not have the means receive assistance free-of-charge.
For details:

Tel: 03-6021717

  • Individual, Couple and Family Therapy
    Individual assistance and support during all stages of the disease, treatment and recovery; professional assistance and support in the adjustment process for the family as a whole. The meetings take place in Hebrew and in Russian.
  • Support Groups
    In the One in Nine support groups, you will meet, digitally, with other women in a similar situation to yours in the cycle of life – young women seeking to build their personal, family and professional lives; or older women dealing with menopause, professional changes, retirement from work, adult children etc.
  • Support for Spouses
    The support and assistance set-up for spouses of breast cancer patients offers a selection of services to assist the spouse in dealing with the changes involved in the illness: Professionally mentored support groups for spouses, individual therapy (personal, as a couple and family), legal advice, etc.
    We would like to thank the Ted Arison Foundation for its generous support in operating this service.

Support by Volunteers Who Have Recovered Breast Cancer

The One in Nine volunteers are all women who have recovered and who until not long ago were in the same place you and your family are in at the moment. The volunteers have undergone special training in order to help and ease coping with breast cancer. The key to the personal and special relationship between the sick woman and a woman who has “been there” is based on their common experience.

  • The Hotline – Telephone Help Line 
    You are not alone. One in Nine operates a support line for breast cancer patients and their relatives. We are here to listen to you, to ease your fears and give comprehensive information on ways of dealing with breast cancer. The hotline number: 1-800-363-400
  • By Your Side – Personal Support 
    Within the framework of the By your side project, women that have recovered from breast cancer accompany women coping with the disease, and support them in personal meetings over the period. The One in Nine volunteer will help you in the process of dealing with breast cancer since diagnosis through the various stages of treatment, and accompany you to the hospital, at home and in other places. 
    For details: tel. 1-800-363-400


Want to volunteer for the Hotline or By Your Side service?

If you have recovered from breast cancer and are interested in joining the hotline or personal support – On Your Side team of volunteers, call us for details about the role and the next training course: 1-800-363-400


Protecting Patient Rights – Legal Advice  

One in Nine – in a unique project in Israel – provides breast cancer patients and their relatives with attorney assistance and support without charge. You are invited to turn to us on any question regarding the realization of your medical rights.


The Protecting Patient Rights project is designed to assist women whose  rights vis-à-vis government institutions have been compromised. Such issues would include issues concerning services within the framework of the Health Insurance Law, the health basket for sick-fund members, National Insurance Institute and Income Tax, and the rights of breast cancer patients regarding work relations.

Raising awareness of rights and encouraging women to consume health services assertively are regarded by us as being of the highest importance.

We look into the legal aspects of each application and represent you before the relevant bodies where necessary. There are cases where we refer the applicant to attorneys specializing in the relevant subjects, e.g. labor law, National Insurance, tax law and damages. These attorneys provide their services on a voluntary basis, and even provide representation at hearings.

How to reach us?

Legal advice coordinator Tel: 03-6021717 ext. 236, or Hotline: 1-800-363-400

If you are one in nine and your rights have been compromised – please contact us, we’re here to help you!


Support Services

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