Our Vision

  • We save lives - One in 9 is a leading player and a significant change leader in policy and relevant systems, while raising the level of awareness of the population
  • We support women with breast cancer - One in 9 is the first address when it comes to breast cancer for women and their relatives in Israel

Our Goals

  • Public awareness initiatives: conduct public relations activities to raise public awareness for early detection of the disease
  • encourage women to take responsibility for their health
  • Workshops to promote breast health.
  • Professional Support: Provide support to patients and their loved ones
  • Claiming rights with the pro bono assistance of a lawyer
  • Information Center: provide comprehensive and expert information through our web site


One in Nine was established in 1994 by a number of Israeli women who had survived breast cancer. The founders of One in Nine had confronted many challenges in coping with their illness due to a lack of available support and information. This led them to establish a support network comprised of women and professionals who provide legal, emotional and medical assistance which enables breast cancer patients to overcome feelings of shame or embarrassment which often accompany this illness.

One in Nine is the only organization in Israel that specializes in breast cancer which is, mainly, a feminine disease, and that handles all the breast cancer continuum – from early detection to treatment and support of patients with advanced cancer and their families.

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