One in Nine strives to raise public awareness of breast cancer and advance breast health in Israel, including by means of public campaigns and via workshops for the early detection of breast cancer. One in Nine provides patients and their families with support, information and the protection of rights, and leads advanced and equality promoting policy regarding the disease. We regard as being of vital importance the inclusion of medications for the treatment of breast cancer into the health basket.


One in Nine has many years experience in action on behalf of women suffering from breast cancer and their relatives and drive for raised public awareness of the disease in Israel.

The organization was established in 1994 by a group of women who suffered from breast cancer and met serious difficulties in dealing with the disease, in the absence of sufficient support and information. They established a support network of women and professional staff, enabling breast cancer patients to no longer feel a sense of shame and embarrassment as a result of the disease, and in finding legal, psychological and medical assistance.

One in Nine provides women coping with breast cancer with comprehensive information, specialist consultancy, support, protection of rights and professional support starting at the diagnosis stage and through all the stages of the disease.One in Nine leads an egalitarian policy on breast cancer in Israel, by means of public action for including medications and medical procedures into the government medication basket.

The ongoing work of the Organization involves professionals and specialistsin a variety of areas, including social workers, community workers, psychologists specializing in psycho-oncology, attorneys, medical doctors and others. The Organization develops innovative professional models based on years of knowledge and experience in mentoring support groups for women suffering from breast cancer and their relatives, in protecting rights and public action.

Together with the professional personnel, the Organization provides support to the patients and their relatives by means of volunteers, who have recovered from breast cancer and have undergone special training. The volunteers provide patients and their families with practical support, as well as support by means of a hotline.

One in Nine acts to promote early detection of breast cancer by means of publicity and initiating campaigns aimed at raising public awareness of the disease. At the same time, the Organization runs breast health workshopsaimed at teaching self-examination for early detection of breast cancer.

Over the years, One in Nine has been awarded many prizes and certificatesof recognition for its activity in raising awareness of breast cancer, the campaign for inclusion of life-saving medications in the Medication Basket and the creation of a support network for women coping with breast cancer.

One in Nine thanks international breast cancer organizations for enabling us to use materials gathered and written by them and appearing on their websites. The original material was translated into Hebrew and adapted to the conditions in Israel:

Breast Cancer Care – UK

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation  


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